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//Soya Protein Isolate Plant

Soya Protein Isolate Plant


Soya protein isolate produced by SSP's technology a highly purified form of soya protein with a minimum protein content of 90% on dry basis. It is made from de-oiled soya cake/defatted soya flour.

Soya protein isolate is prepared by chemically dissolving the protein content of soya flour or flake and is cleaned of using a decanter centrifuge. The protein is precipitated by using chemicals and recovered through a centrifuge. The solid content of the recovered protein can vary from 15% to 20%. This solid is dried to get protein isolate powder containing 90% protein on dry basis. SSP has developed this process technology after several pilot plant trial runs and are in a position to offer commercial scale plant starting from 1 TPD to 20 TPD capacities.

Key features of SSP's process are:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Lower Requirement of Water
  • Maximize Yield = 40%
  • Protein Content ❯90%
  • Product Quality as Per International Standard
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