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Milk Powder Plant


Milk Powder is a processed dairy product made by evaporating milk to dryness under controlled conditions. Drying extends the shelf life of milk apart from reducing the weight and volume.

The initial solid content of milk which varies from 7.5% to 12% is dried to final solids content of 96%-97.5%.

This is achieved by use of:

  • SSP Multistage Evaporator
  • SSP Two/Three Stage Dryer

Process Description

The combination of multiple effect evaporators, spray dryer with fines recirculation system and use of a 'Vibro Fluid Bed Dryer', produces powder with extremely good solubility called instant powder.

Lecithination System

SSP also offers lecithination system integrated with the milk powder plant to manufacture whole milk powder. Excellent quality WMP is produced with this system.

SSP ensures supply of most energy efficient plant which produces instant powder of highest quality.

Quality Parameters Of Milk Powder

* SMP, WMP, Baby Food, Dairy Whitener.

Unique features of SSP Powder Plant

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Maintenance Free Design
  • Less DOWNTIME for Maintenance
  • Lower ΔT ensures Gentle heat treatment of product
  • PLC Operator Plant available with 100% Automation
  • Flexibility in Controlling Powder Quality
  • Special CLEANING Lift mechanism
  • Negligible DEPOSITION of Powder in Chamber
  • EXPANDABLE up to 100% Capacity
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